Ham or Lamb? Perfect pairings for your Easter Dinner!


Easter – a time of reflection, celebration and of course the special Easter Sunday dinner!

Traditionally, most families will gather around a beautifully roasted ham or lamb –
what’s your family tradition?

If your family table will include a rack, leg or lamb roast, you’ll want to include a nice red wine with good fruity flavors and some tannins that will stand up to the lamb. Try Trilogy Reserve Merlot!

Have a ham on the menu? You can’t go wrong with Gewurztraminer. Ham is most often prepared with a yummy sweet glaze that balances the saltiness of the meat. Trilogy’s Gewurztraminer is beautifully fresh, and will balance out the salt in the ham nicely – and the fact that it’s a crowd favorite will have everyone at the table happy!


For The Sweet Tooth…
Lest we leave out one of the most famous Easter food traditions – peeps! These crazy little sugar snacks are fun – try it with some Tryst! You’ll need that sweetness in the bottle to hold up to the sugar of these little bite size birds.









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